PT Mega Akses Persada (FiberStar) as a 100% fiber optic-based infrastructure service provider on a national scale provides a variety of infrastructure services to meet the various needs of customers. Find the best service that works for your company or business on FiberStar!


Optical fiber-based telecommunications services with the FTTX concept for Triple Play service needs for Internet  Service Providers

In City Interconnection

Service to make the interconnection between FiberStar network and partner network


A service provides an alternative option for Domestic Private Line Circuit (DPLC) to deliver data traffic between cities.


A service that provides solutions by connecting customers to a site or location via optical fiber with DWDM equipment  


A service that provides a link solution by connecting customers to sites or locations via optical fiber with the MPLS  (Multiprotocol Label Switching - Layer 3) protocol.


A service that connects FiberStar customer devices in Indonesia according to the FiberStar network coverage to Global  Switch Singapore and other locations. FiberStar IPLC service connection using DWDM network.


A uses an Ethernet network. service that connects FiberStar customer devices from Indonesia to Singapore (Global Switch and Equinix) and other  locations. This IEPL FiberStar service connection.

IP Transit

A service to gain direct connection access to global internet exchanges using the customer's Public IP and AS (Autonomous  System) number.


This service offers end-to-end transformation management (architecture, installation, to operations) on enterprise WANs and  security and privacy on enterprise networks.

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