14 April 2022

FiberStar Celebrates 1 Million Homepasses, Holds 3 Series of Events

In April 2022 FiberStar has reached 1,000,000 homepasses. This is inseparable from the hard work of employees and the support of all FiberStar partners/clients. In order to celebrate this achievement, FiberStar held a series of events that aimed to provide enthusiasm and as a form of gratitude for the hard work of all employees so that the achievement of one million homepasses could be achieved. The series of events held in celebrating the achievement of one million homepasses include Fun Competition, Thanksgiving 1 Million Homepass, and FiberStar cares others.

Fun Competition, "Increase Employee Spirit and Creativity" which this activity aims to increase the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, FiberStar held a fun competition consisting of two competitions, namely a decoration competition conducted by all FiberStar employees. Then next is the Mobile Legend e-sports competition. Then there was also the 1 Million Homepass Thanksgiving activity which took place on Thursday, April 14, 2022. FiberStar held a joint opening which was attended by all employees both in the Head Office and in the region. This event began with remarks from Mr. Sugiharto Darmakusuma as President Director of FiberStar, then there were messages from Mr. Sapto Sugiarto as PMO Department Head, not forgetting that there was a ribbon cutting as a symbolic form of our gratitude for having managed to reach one million homepasses. As a form of appreciation to the employees who have the most contribution in achieving one million homepasses. For this reason, FiberStar held an award for the categories of Best Growth Homepass Region & Best Support Person.

Finally, FiberStar also held FiberStar Cares for Others activities, Sharing the Common Good of the Orphan Orphanage & Dhuafa Mizan Amanah Cidodol. Still in celebration of one million homepasses, FiberStar did not forget to share the common good with the Orphan Orphanage & Dhuafa Mizan Amanah Cidodol. This event was attended by representatives of FiberStar colleagues, together we went to the Orphanage in the Cidodol area. At the Orphanage we held an iftar event together, which was previously done a relaxing game so that we all knew each other. At the end of the event, it was closed with a joint magrib prayer and donations to the Yatim & Dhuafa Mizan Amanah Cidodol Orphanage.