30 March 2022

FiberStar Inaugurates New Office Building, New Home New Spirit

Jakarta - PT Mega Akses Persada (FiberStar) inaugurated a new office building located on the 3rd and 10th floors of Cyber 2 Tower, Kuningan, South Jakarta on Wednesday (30/3). The inauguration of FiberStar's new office building was attended by Mr. Sugiharto Kusuma as President Director of FiberStar and the board of directors of FiberStar, then Mr. Dani Sumarsono as President Director of PT Cyberindo Aditama, Mr. Tony Hariman as Co-Founder and Cloud Evangelist, Mr. Paulus Bambang, and Mr. Ichsan Budiarso as Director of CBN. This event is carried out with a hybrid system (offline and online) so that employees who are working from home and are in the regional office can also watch.

The inauguration of FiberStar's new office building was also carried out symbolically by cutting ribbons and cutting tumpeng carried out by the President Director of FiberStar accompanied by other board of directors. In addition, Mr. Paulus Bambang and Mr. Dani Sumarsono also led a joint prayer. The move of this office building is in line with the development of FiberStar's growing business, causing the addition of new employees. In addition, the move of the office is also expected to support FiberStar's operational activities in increasing productivity.

President Director of FiberStar, Mr. Sugiharto Darmakusuma expressed his gratitude to God because currently FiberStar has occupied a new house, having previously occupied the Kadin Tower. "We are also grateful and grateful to all colleagues for working well so that we can grow well and in the end we can move to Cyber Building 2, 3rd floor and 10th floor." In addition, Mr. Sugiharto Darmakusuma also hopes that the move of this building will create a better atmosphere and spirit and make employees able to work with joy.

"I also hope that this building and room can become our common home and make us able to contribute to the nation and the country. In addition, I also hope that we can transform to be even better both in terms of service and commitment to customers." He continued.

For information, in addition to holding ribbon-cutting and tumpeng cutting events, FiberStar also held an internal competition to make videos containing sayings and impressions of messages about the move of FiberStar's new building which aims to increase the enthusiasm of employees and invite employees to feel the euphoria of moving this office building.